"The fundamental polarity of human life between what is and what ought to be, between lack and fulfillment, between determination and freedom, is not abnormal; it is the norm. Every person is exposed to it because of the inescapable structure of human formation." (Adrian van Kaam, The Transcendent Self, Dimension Books, 1979, 172.)

The Aquinas Academy

archives01The Aquinas Academy was set up under the auspices of the Australian Province of the Marist Fathers by Fr Austin Woodbury SM in March 1945. The Academy began as a centre for the study of Philosophy and Theology in the Thomistic tradition.  For some twenty-nine years it continued in this capacity under Fr Woodbury's guidance, in premises at the back of St Patrick's Church, Gloucester Street, in The Rocks (Sydney, NSW).  For a short while the Academy offered a License in Philosophy under accreditation from the University of St Thomas in Rome.  Since its inception, a number of qualified priests, religious and laity have been part of the lecturing staff.  The Academy was one of the pioneers of Catholic adult education in Australia.

Since 1975, the Academy has increasingly focused on general adult education in the faith.  Perhaps the most popular of the programs mounted was the Christian Growth Program, offering basic education in theology, morality, psychology and spirituality.

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