"Life is not so much beginnings and endings as it is middles, middles that don't measure up -- and our happiness depends on how we come to terms with the pale reflections of our dreams. (Paul D. Zimmerman, "Middles and Muddles," review of film "Sunday Bloody Sunday," Newsweek, September 27, 1971, 106)


Course: Riding out the Storm

JCatherine Hammond
Catherine Hammond
Starts 10am Tues Mar 5

This course will take an honest look at where we are as Chuch, how we’re affected by the current crisis and what our hopes are for the forthcoming national pastoral council here in Australia. It will concentrate on how people of faith, past and present, women and men, have ridden periods of confusion and corruption and are still doing so.

Our special focus will be on some amazing women, like Catherine of Sienna, Julian of Norwich, and Mary McKillop, as well as courageous men, like Francis of Assisi, John of the Cross and Oscar Romero – people who lived through scandalous times for the Church and society, and found a way through it all for themselves and others.

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Course: Walking Home

JAilsa Piper
Ailsa Piper
Starts 10am Wed Mar 6

Ailsa Piper is a story-teller, having worked for over thirty-five years as a writer, director, actor, teacher, speaker and broadcaster.

As a writer, she works across many mediums. Highlights include being named co-winner of the Patrick White Playwright’s Award for her script Small Mercies in 2001 and publishing her first book Sinning Across Spain in 2012. Her most recent book, co-authored with Monsignor Tony Doherty, is The Attachment: Letters From A Most Unlikely Friendship. It is a collection of letters between them, and to the reader, exploring spirituality, friendship, difference - and the right time of day to eat rhubarb!

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Course: Developing Your Own Spirituality, Unit III

Remembering & anticipating, imagining & feeling

JMarieWEB201401JMichael Whelan 2
Starts 6pm Wed March 6
Repeated 10am May 2
In Unit I we focused on some general principles underlying the development of a healthy spirituality. In Unit II we began to focus more on particular concrete facets of spirituality. In Unit III we will continue to do that. We often hear the advice: “Forgive and forget”. Why might this be very bad advice? What is the relationship between the past and the future in shaping the human journey?

What place do images, symbols and rituals have in human thriving? Can we think well without imagination being a crucial part of the process? What part do feelings play in our becoming fully alive? What happens when we do not integrate our feelings into our daily living? What happens when we do integrate our feelings in our daily living?

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Film Lectio I - Romero


Starts 10am Wednesday March 27
Repeated 6pm Thursday Mar 28

The recent beatification of Óscar Romero, has drawn new attention to the gap between public perception and reality regarding this popular but controverted figure in El Salvador’s turbulent history. The first feature film from the Paulist Fathers’ moviemaking division, John Duigan’s Romero tells the true story of Latin America’s best-known and most revered modern martyr.

Oscar Arnulfo Romero y Goldamez, Archbishop of El Salvador, was assisinated in 1980, a man whom John Paul II described as a "zealous pastor who gave his life for his flock."

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Days of Solitude and Silence 2018

WEB Nazareth 05

Next Date: To Be Advised

Aquinas Academy has a place of solitude and silence called "Nazareth". It is situated 75 minutes from the Sydney CBD at Colo.

We organize special days on which we take small groups there for a few hours of solitude and silence.

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