"Life is not so much beginnings and endings as it is middles, middles that don't measure up -- and our happiness depends on how we come to terms with the pale reflections of our dreams. (Paul D. Zimmerman, "Middles and Muddles," review of film "Sunday Bloody Sunday," Newsweek, September 27, 1971, 106)

Course - Thomas Merton: Identity, Solitude and Contemplation

Michael Whelan SM PhD

JThomasMertonThomas Merton's life can be divided roughly into two halves. The first half, beginning with his birth in France in 1915, was a life lived more or less devoid of any religious belief and at times quite dissolute.

The second half, beginning with his conversion to Catholicism in 1938 was a life lived with deep religious commitment as a Trappist monk. Merton died – accidentally electrocuted – in 1968 at the age of 53.

Thomas Merton is the author of more than 50 books and more than 400 lectures on audio tape. Among his favourite themes, the search for the "true self" and the need for solitude and contemplation are central. Merton was a monk, a prophet, a poet, an insightful writer, but above all he was a pilgrim who took the human journey with the utmost seriousness. To associate with him through his writings is to discover great joy and freedom.

This course will focus on the three themes that became increasingly crucial to Thomas Merton, grounding him for an energetic and prophetic engagement with the modern world.

Participants may register for the lectures only or both the lectures and the group work.

When? 3 Wednesday mornings, 10am - 12noon, September 23 - October 7 2015 (NOTE: Groups begin at 9am)

Where? Level 5, 141 Harrington Street, Sydney

Cost? $99/person (includes booklets) without group work OR $171/person with group work (includes booklets and reader)



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